Inforamtion about Gerhard STIMPFL Zeltweg

personal exhibitions
participations at exhibitions
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2004/05 Knittelfeld, Möbelhaus Neuper (together with Arthur Redhead)
2004 Zeltweg, Café RIWA
2004 Zeltweg, Volksheim, personal exhibition in the context of the "Cultural Springtime of Zeltweg"
2004 Wien, Café-Restaurant-Deli Nelson's ("Pictures Of Lust")
2003 Wien, Wiener Salon "About Homely Girls, Dominas and Other Murderesses" at Café-Restaurant-Deli Nelson's
2003 Zeltweg, artists' market at the AINOVA trade fair
2002 Fohnsdorf, school galery of the HLW ("artists of the house")
2001 Zeltweg, artists' market at the trade fair of the Aichfeld
2001 Zeltweg, Volksheim (benefit exhibition "Arthur Redhead & Friends")
1992 Judenburg, Sparkasse bankhouse (Art And Culture Workshop Judenburg)
1991 Judenburg, Murtaler printing shop (together with Gudrun Köfl)
1984 Graz, PÄDAK (pedagogic academy) Hasnerplatz (group Kebüneumüstisch)
1983 Graz, Café Grammel (group Kebüneumüstisch)
1983 Graz, Die Brücke (group Kebüneumüstisch)
1981 Leoben, Katholische Hochschulgemeinde
1980 Knittelfeld, Pub Lunatic
1979 Zeltweg, Volksheim (guild for folk art Zeltweg)
1979 Knittelfeld, Bundesgymnasium (together with Reinhold Reiter)

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