Inforamtion about Gerhard STIMPFL Zeltweg

curriculum vitae and artistic development

1977 Gerhard Stimpfl starts to draw regularely. First he does small formats in pencil in a style reminding of the fantastic realists, soon also works in water colour mostly mixed with graphic techniques as for example charcoal or crayons. The content of the pictures is taken from fantasy and refers more or less to lyrics of pop music (in the beginning particularly Nazareth, Pink Floyd and Genesis), which he is listening to while working on his pictures.
1981 - 1984, during his vocational education as a teacher for secondary schools for the subjects German language and art education at the Pedagogic Academy at Graz, various works are done when studying at Prof. Peter SZYSZKOWITZ. These works look more scholastical instead of showing further development, which arguably still slumbers in the bud.
A very intensive phase of creative activities reaches its top in 1991, when Stimpfl, now working as a teacher for fine arts at the HLW Fohnsdorf, creates a lot of works in various techniques mostly when working together with his highly talented student Margit PLATNY. He learns also a lot from her who by herself later on studies art painting and now lives as an artist in Toscany. Most of the works are done in mixed media predominated by the use of water colour. Aside that he does some works in water colour. These works are closely related to paint-brush-drawings.
Paintings and drawings from the nude, which Stimpfl exercises at courses in 1991 at Ernst Peter LANDSCHBAUER, August SVOBODA and Franz SCHICHO, are intensivated since 1998 by attending courses on studies from the nude at Friederike SCHWAB regularely. He does a lot of drawings with various pencils, crayons and chalks, also a lot of mixed media works and only seldom he paints in acrylic.
Since 1999 Stimpfl except of nudes also does works on other motives such as portrait studies and from 2000 on also landscape motives. A course on water colour at Albert HOFFMANN and a course at Arthur REDHEAD at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts "HORTUS NIGER" at Brtonigla (Istria) in Sommer 2000 are important motivation to him to deal now intensively with his personal artistic development. He is a member of the group due tre since its foundation.
2001: Again he attends a course on studies from the nude at Friederike SCHWAB at Retzhof near Leibnitz. Throughout this year he mostly concentrates on works on architectural motives or landscapes. In August he attends the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts "HORTUS NIGER" at Brtonigla (course at Arthur REDHEAD). From September on a love-affair with Sonja SCHIEFER (also a painter) takes much influence on his life and also on his artistic work.

2002: Participation at a course on studies from the nude together with all the members of the group due tre at Friederike SCHWAB at Retzhof near Leibnitz. Regularely works on two thematic cycles are done: abstrakt picture compositions about "The Extra-Terrestrials And Their Apparatus" (since early 2001) and variations on female abdomen and erotic fantasies under the title "In The Land of Mons Veneris" (since autumn of 2002). In November he attends the course "painting out of the subliminal" at Axl LITSCHKE. Stimpfl's work, which always had a strong personal context, is now even more stamped by personal experiences.

2003: Again he attends a course on studies from the nude at Friederike SCHWAB at Retzhof near Leibnitz. His works from the nudes now get more and more different from typical ones, the nudes now become elements of his conceptianal ideas and creations. The cycles "The Extra-Terrestrials And Their Apparatus" and "In The Land of Mons Veneris" are continued. Now he often combines water colour and acrylic in his paintings and his pictoral compositions get more and more flat and striking. Also some acrylics on canvas are painted.

2004: After some attempts on computer graphics which play with striking nudes and the meaning of words he does some various works in the techniques mentioned above while his cycles are continued.

2005: Some works of late 2004 and some new works, all of them acrylic on canvas are chosen to start a new cycle under the title "In Occasion of ..." - This is a cycle of abstract works with some integrated personal symbolism and rather long funny titles to the paintings.

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