Slant Shifted Quadrophenic Music by Type O Negative Listened to in the Car on the Way From Unterpremstätten to Lieboch on the Occasion of a Drive on the Paths in the Kaiserwald Forest in Order to Infidelitate on a Ruttish Maiden; 2005; acrylic on canvas, pieces of wood and metal; h x w = 50 x 50 cm
View at a Landscape Free of Chamois-pits in the Land of Terquoilania on the Occasion of the Memory of Some Orchid-Excursions in Holy Week (unlit) - Premonition of Chamois-pits in a Terquoilanian Landscape on the Occasion of Secret Signs Appearing (lit); 2005; acrylic on canvas; h x w = 90 x 70 cm
The title is not shown here, because it is X-rated ; 2005; acrylic on canvas over wooden frame; h x w = 90 x 30 cm

Diptychal Analysis of Rising Air Temperature in the Aichfeld Plain on the Occasion of the Repression of the Believe in Easter Bunny in Aid of Deifying Springtime-sewing-machines Autosuggested in Mystical Medidation (diptych); 2005; acrylic on canvas; h x w = 30 x 30 cm each

Four Steps To Felicity; 2005; acrylic on canvas; h x w = 30 x 80 cm
Abstracted Head of an Extra-Terrestrial with Peace-Helmet in the Outskirts of Zeltweg on the Occasion of The Remaining of a Plot of Black Acrylic Colour And The Use of a White Canvas Outcoming of This; 2005; acrylic on canvas; h x w = 60 x 50 cm

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